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Audio Advancements

Hart Huschens has a real ear for wonderful sounding imported equipment. He also makes his own line of turntables that are a treat for the eye as well as the ear.

Hudson Audio Imports

Tom Hills is one of our favorite people. Not only does he have a great selection of imported audio components, he’s the man behind AudioPath cables and interconnects. Tom also repairs high end audio gear.

Red Wine Audio

Vinnie Rossi helped the iPod give us more musical sound with his iMod. Rossi’s Red Wine Audio continues to impress in the home component arena. Greg thought Red Wine had the best sound of the 2012 show.

Symbol Audio

Blake Tovin, founder and Creative director of Symbol Audio, is working with is Symbol crew to bring class and convenience to the home audio experience.

Acoustics Sounds

Gotta love Chad! Tim and Greg met him in 1990 or so at an audio show in NYC.We even dropped in on him in Salina, KS while attending a family reunion. He gave us a tour of Blue Heaven studio and introduced some crew and recording artists to our family members.

Music Direct

One or our favorite audio sites. We’ve bought many a tweak, record and cable here.

Atocha Design

We met Jenn Levin Atocha at the NY Audio Show 2013. Jenn designs audio furniture of very high quality out of sustainable woods. All of her products are free of lead and formaldehyde and meant to last a lifetime.


Peter Lederman rebuilds cartridges and offers his own high end audio products. Soundsmith also repairs classic gear.


Beginner’s Guide to Hi-Fi. Good entry level information, though I think he meant to type ‘stress free, beautiful hobby.’ !


A Visual Hi-Fi History Of Turntables, Loudspeakers: A Visual Hi-Fi History. Sweet!


HiFi Review issue from 1959.

Eminent Technology

Greg’s favorite full range speakers.


A great collection of low cost tweaks for your system


A great collection of headphone tweaks and ultra low capacitance phono cables. Greg likes them so much he’s bought 6 phono cables to date!

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