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Presently, we don’t know much about this clone of other best known idler drive tables, like the Garrard 301 and 401, Thorens 124 and Lenco brands. This Shield MO-19 was originally manufactured by the Japanese Neat brand sometime in the 1960’s. It’s platter spins manually but the motor  did not work when first plugged in. There appear to be several wires left to connect and some of the assembly has yet to be tightened down. Whomever last owned this baby did what appears to be, quite nice work. Apart from a little dust on it when found, this clone of an idler drive table appears to only need a bit of love.

Shield MO-19 Idler Drive Clone

We think the wood is very nicely figured maple, and the metal - what looks to us like powder coat - seems near pristine. The motor beneath looks good with no rust and has a handful of wires unconnected... either this table was in the process of refurbishing or it is a failed attempt at such.

We’re researching as best we can and  hope someone will contact us about this model and whether it’s worth saving from a landfill!

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